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Stefaniel Bobcrat For President 2024 Coffee Mug

Dimensions: 3.8" H x 4.75" W
Capacity: 11 oz.

Care: Hand wash
Please note this product is not microwave and dishwasher safe.

Haven’t you heard? Corporations are the new government, all thanks to deregulation! Clear the way, politicians - PUPTHEBAND Inc. is the future of legislation!

After returning from Space, our noble CEO decreed: 

“You know what? If you can subjugate labourers and a portion of the market into a state of eminently pliable servitude, how hard can it be to do that to an entire country? It’s especially easy after gaining dubious popularity because of a series of sensationalized events and vulgar, bordering on pornographic displays of public narcissism (the morality of which doesn’t even register because you’re now so popular on account of the frequency of those public outbursts - outbursts that blend into such an amorphous and intangible smear of meaningless, loudmouth drivel - that the moral character of any one event is mostly obscured)! All you have to do now is sow discord amongst people who have been held down economically for decades and as such feel like their agency has been stripped away, to the point that now they can only be saved by a self-styled saviour.”

As naked as his avarice is, he’s right! And if the economy flounders further, and ultimately betrays the guilt inherent to the selfish, greed-laden decision making inherent to so-called “rugged individualism”, you can always lie and say: Don’t blame me! I voted for Grathlar!