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High Baron Grathlar For President 2024 Coffee Mug

Dimensions: 3.8" H x 4.75" W
Capacity: 11 oz.

Care: Hand wash
Please note this product is not microwave and dishwasher safe.


Grathlar first came to sate human lust for conflict. Grathlar visit your planet and enjoy many nice green spaces. Trees beautiful. Grathlar love cats and dogs and ponies. Fun to pet. Grathlar planet have similar creatures. Grathlar civilization exalts such creatures as stewards of sanity and compassion. Just like cats and dogs and ponies they very cute and friendly as well. But then, Grathlar see you cut down trees to make more room for commerce. No trees mean no animals! Especially no Reptilians! Grathlar mad. Grathlar want humans extinct. Grathlar foment conflict between humans to hasten pace at which anthropocene era comes to close. Then nature truly heal. Clearly, Grathlar only choice for truly eco-conscious! But, if don’t work and human feel embarassed, human can always say, in stupid human accent: “Don’t blame me! I voted for Bobcrat!”