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False advertising: there is no guarantee this flag will unravel.

Sorry. None of the descriptions I’ve written for our 2022 holiday items are as inspired as usual but I’ll be honest: I am on vacation. I just drank a bottle of wine. We just finished 8 months of touring (101 or 102 shows - depending on who you ask) and now I feel like sleeping. But I hope you buy this flag. I think Beefstrong did an incredible job doing the album art and I think it looks great as a flag too. Look at the detail! It’s grotesque! It’s full of easter eggs related to the record! And it doesn’t have any words on it so if someone you know wanders into a room where you have it hanged, they’ll be like “Whoa! What’s that???” and you can tell them all about our band. How’s THAT for marketing? Plus, it’s an opportunity for human connection. Telling a friend (or loved one or acquaintance) about something that, I assume, you enjoy. Everyone wins. 

Dimensions: 3' x 3'
Material Composition:  Nylon Material 110 grams
Features 4 metal grommets 0.6" diameter