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Live Hijinks Longsleeve

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Composition: 100% Cotton
Sizing: Unisex

Is the shirt upside down or is it the photo ON the shirt? Or, maybe it’s your eyeballs that are upside-down. Yeah, that’s it. You fell asleep and aliens came and took you while you were sleeping and replaced your eyeballs with upside-down eyeballs. 

Or maybe they didn’t replace your eyeballs. Maybe they replaced your whole body with an upside-down body but left your original eyeballs. So now, technically, your eyeballs are right-side-up, but your entire body is upside down. So now you walk around with an upside-down body and right-side-up eyeballs, and what are you to do? WHAT are you to do?

Buy this shirt. That’s what you should do.

Photo by: Amanda Fotes