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I Don't Give A Shit Scarf

Composition: 100% Acrylic Yarn
Dimensions: 60" x 7.5" W

Whoa! Okay. Wow. Didn’t know you were so “edgy.” What are you gonna do next? Tell Daddy to “shut up”? Tell him he just doesn’t GET you? Or maybe Daddy isn’t even there. I mean, he’s there. He’s physically there. But he doesn’t see you. He doesn’t hear in your voice, behind the protests and vain fits of rebellion, how you truly feel. But, maybe he’s always been distant. It’s not new to you so every day it stings a bit less. Little by little, the numbness of dissociation becomes your companion. But the ache of living in your void of attunement still lingers. So now you feel like the onus is on you. Little ole you. And maybe if you could find something to connect with together, you’d be able to wedge your way into his field of view. And finally you could start building, within you, a foundation for a feeling of belonging. But you’re old enough now to wonder if what he thinks really matters after all. And maybe THAT was the real “I Don’t Give A Shit Scarf” all along. 

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